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Whether you're just starting out and need a standout CV and some basic interview practice, or have years of experience under your belt but fancy a change of career path, we have the tools and techniques to get you

And it's not just about the tools and techniques. Maybe you lack the clear vision as to what steps to take, and in what order. Or maybe you get sucked into the daily routine of life and struggle to find the time to make your dream a reality. Your vision might not be taken seriously by those around you, so support is what you need most. You'd love to make the leap, but lack confidence, and as soon as you take that first step, self-doubt creeps in and you spring back to your comfort zone all over again.

Our years of experience means we will quickly identify the gaps you have  between your current position and your dream career. We'll give you clear action steps, coaching and support until you're fully prepared and confident to make that next big leap.

And once that dream role is yours, you won't be left hanging - we can give you coaching on how to make sure that first 90 days are the start of an amazing career, and support you at any point where you need expert guidance and a fresh perspective.

We guarantee you'll get all the focus, clarity and confidence you'll ever need to achieve a fulfilling career.

So what is it you want to do right now?

Figure out my 
ideal career path

Identify companies, roles and career paths that are a perfect fit for your unique blend of skills, strengths and passions.

Land the interview
...and the job offer

Deliver a CV, LinkedIn profile and cover letter that are perfectly tailored to your dream role, and excel at interview.

Develop myself
and my career

Launch a great career by understanding your organisation, cultivating powerful relationships and growing every day.

About me...

Here at Beyond Campus, we started where you started. With the idea that a career should be, not only financially rewarding, but also fulfilling and a great 'fit' for your unique blend of skills, strengths and passions. This is why back in 2015 I left my successful 20-year corporate journey to do 'My Thing' - the launch of a unique coaching business to enable you to have the career you've always dreamed of...

Holly Ashford

Holly Ashford | Career Coach

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Happy Customers

We know what a difference working with us makes, but don't just take our word for it...

...I felt more equipped than I ever have done for an interview...

Following redundancy and 6 months of searching for my next opportunity, a rare and unique position arose in my region. It was the logical career progression for me and I was determined to ensure that the interview turned into a job offer, so I turned to career coaching. I was excited to begin working with Holly and utilising the wealth of resources and tools she has access to. Holly was totally independent from my usual support network of family/friends and offered me different perspectives as we worked together. I could talk through the challenges I wanted to overcome through our 1:1 confidential conversations. I felt more equipped than I ever have done for an interview and am pleased to confirm I received the job offer and have accepted! I would definitely recommend this sort of coaching and I am already championing Holly to a range of my friends and ex-colleagues. 

Alison Livingstone

Global Mobility Executive

...led me to a clearer idea of what sort of jobs I
 would not only be good at, but also enjoy.

After my graduation I was unsure about what career route I wanted to go down and had few ideas on where to start. Holly patiently led me to a clearer idea of what sort of jobs I would not only be good at but also enjoy. She helped me tailor my CV and cover letter for these types of jobs as well as setting me up on LinkedIn. She then proceeded to guide me through interviews which had previously terrified me, but after a couple of sessions and a mock interview, got me feeling much more confident in my abilities. Thanks you Holly!

Jenny Anderson

MSci Chemistry

I've gained confidence in how to approach an interview and the unique strengths I possess

Since you gave me help and advice on how to format my CV and LinkedIn profile, I have been getting calls and messages which I hadn't had before. I have had LinkedIn for over a year, and have never had this reaction. I can only thank you because this has been from your good advice and input. I had been attending interviews only to get feedback that I had been unsuccessful - I thought to myself that there must be something that I needed to do differently, but felt as though I could never accomplish anything on my own initiative, and that always made me anxious. Through my coaching, I’ve gained confidence in how to approach an interview and the unique strengths I possess. If anyone is unsure and still pondering whether to take up career coaching with Holly, I would urge them to go for it. I have given your details to some friends and hope they will take up your career coaching services.

Bosco Daradangwe

Building Services Engineer

...professional, good to talk to and really put me at ease

You were professional, friendly, good to talk to and really put me at ease. All of your resources are really helpful and it is fantastic to have something to take from the sessions to use in the future when the time comes for me to apply for positions and go to interviews. You used your expertise to explain why things are a certain way like why you may be asked certain interview questions so you can answer them by hitting the criteria an interviewer is looking for. I also enjoyed the session where we tried to determine what kind of jobs and companies would suit my personality. It was just reassuring to be reminded that I need to enjoy what I am doing and where I work rather than just applying anywhere and for anything to get into the job market!

Bethany Easton

Marketing Coordinator

I have a much improved CV...and have grown in confidence

Through my coaching I learnt sound methods and techniques for answering difficult interview questions. So far, I can share that I have a much improved CV, I feel ready for interview with achievement examples to hand (Talent Tracker Tool) and have grown in confidence. You have everything to gain by career coaching - you only get one shot so why not give yourself the best chance possible? I thoroughly recommend Holly and already have!

Lorna Brown

Local Support Team Leader

...your advice is very helpful as you tailor it to the individual...

Thank you for all your help! I think the variety and amount of resources you provide to aid development is fantastic and your advice is very helpful as you tailor it to the individual, not just with regards to their career aspirations but also taking into consideration their personality and preferences. It's been a real help to have someone to talk to about my career goals/concerns on a regular basis and I really appreciate the effort you've gone to to help me become more confident and prepared.

Rhiannon Knowles

Web Developer

...tracker template...helped me to isolate the key skills asked for...

I can say that without a doubt that the session on interview prep was extremely helpful especially the tracker template that you sent me as that really helped me to isolate the key skills asked for in the job spec and match the best of my examples to the said skills. The reminder to use the STAR format was really helpful for me as after using the tracker I was then able to write out STAR structured answers for each of the examples I had. This was 100% very helpful in my preparation for the interview. Aside from those examples the mock interview we had was also incredibly useful as it allowed me to test out certain answers I had with you and also to learn about the types of questions that I needed to work on. Thanks again for all the support!

Azeez Soetan


Holly has been invaluable to me over the last year

Holly is a great person to have on your side when thinking about your career. I decided to start my own business in 2017 and Holly has been a fantastic support. She will always challenge me and coax me out of my comfort zone, she's very astute at identifying when I am just trying to avoid a situation I'm not very confident about. She is pragmatic and will help me to admit something is not working and identify an alternative. Holly has been invaluable to me over the last year.

Diana Bowden

Youth Justice Specialist

1000% helped me to do well...and ultimately get a job!

Just wanted to let you know that yesterday I was offered an editing position with CGP!!!

Thank you so much for all your help, it 1000% helped me to do well in the interviews and assessment centres, and ultimately get a job!

Kelsey Hammond

Lancaster University

...selecting which jobs to apply for that suit my core values...

Thank you for coaching me through this post-university process, it has been so helpful! I definitely feel more confident and assured that I have a plan I can use when it comes to selecting which jobs to apply for that suit my core values and then making sure I ace those job interviews! Throughout the calls I have found you easy to talk to and I felt comfortable enough to ask questions whenever I got confused. You were good at clarifying and helping me to understand. I think your flexibility and communication in particular was great. I don’t have any improvements that I think you could make. Just keep doing what you are doing! Thanks you for the resources and it has been nice working with you.

Jenny Mann

Lancaster University

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Get instant FREE access to  our CHEAT SHEET:

'Mastery in Minutes'

- the ultimate guide to becoming interview-ready fast!