"Through my coaching, I’ve gained confidence in how to approach an interview and the unique strengths I possess."

Bosco Daradangwe

About Bosco

Bosco was a mature student, studying Computer Science at Goldsmiths University in London, and an experienced electrician. He had a young family to support and was looking for an additional
income to supplement his studies - either as a building services engineer or IT analyst.

The Challenge

"I was attending interviews only to get feedback that I had been unsuccessful. I thought there must be something that I needed to do differently. I felt as though I could never accomplish anything on my own initiative and that always made me anxious"


How We Helped

Bosco's CV presented with a wealth of valuable experience and technical skills - a great start. However, this meant a wordy, jumbled CV that didn't really sell the most relevant skills and make it clear what value Bosco could bring to potential employers.

So this was our initial focus - creating a CV and LinkedIn profile that focused not on the roles that he had done previously, but on the skills he had gained and developed through that experience.  And specifically, concentrating on the skills that the new roles required - meaning tailored CVs for each different industry.

Stage two was putting this into practice for real with a tailored mock interview, that allowed me to explore, as a recruiter would, Bosco's reasons for applying for particular roles as well as a deep dive via competency-based interview questions into his skills, strengths and development needs. Immediate honest and detailed feedback allowed Bosco to hone his answers to really sell himself effectively.

The Results

Bosco is now fully equipped with all the tools, techniques and confidence he needs to secure his ideal role at interview stage.

He has been on LinkedIn for over a year, but now, for the first time is getting calls and messages from potential recruiters.

He now knows how to use his vast experience to his advantage - giving him a clear head-start over his peers.

"If anyone is unsure and pondering whether to take up career coaching  with Holly, I would urge them to forget
about what it takes to do it, because it is not about the cost, but about getting the help you need to succeed."