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"There’s just so much you don’t really know about work when you’re just getting started. We exist to help graduates fulfil their dreams - and you can be a part of that.​"

Holly Ashford | Career Coach

The perfect gift

Looking for a great graduation gift for your son, daughter, niece, nephew or grandchild?

If only you could buy them the future you know they deserve.

The next best thing is a useful gift that will truly help them launch their dream career. One that 'fits' with them. One they will love.

Naturally, we are a little bit biased, but here at Beyond Campus we believe that our Career Coaching packages are the perfect gift for anybody looking for a job - and especially for new graduates who don’t have much experience of interviews.

We offer a complete package of tools, techniques and expert guidance, allowing students and recent graduates to quickly learn all the insider knowledge and shortcuts they could ever need to identify and land their dream role. You can help them:

identify the right career path that fits with their unique blend of personality, values and strengths

develop the skills and techniques to ace the interview

know what to expect and how to shine at assessment centres

learn how to exude confidence on the big day

All our coaching includes expert 1:1 sessions for a truly bespoke experience.

Today's graduates have it tougher than ever...

  • 70% leave university with a 2:1 or 1st
  • students graduate with an average debt of £44,000
  • there are 75 applicants for every graduate role

"...students and graduates (74%) are making universal job applications, whilst not really knowing what the company or role is like. Of those that get hired, it leaves a disaffected workforce (68% of graduates admit joining the wrong employer) and high churn rates (28% leave within 12 months)", October 2016

What we offer our clients


Insight into an individual's unique blend of personality, values and skills to ensure target roles are a good fit.

In-depth understanding of every stage of the recruitment process with our unique 'Campus to Career Roadmap' - what an awesome CV and personal statement looks like, the key skills every interviewer is looking for and what to expect from an assessment centre.


Proprietary and tested tools and techniques to shine at every step of the process

How to tailor experiences to the skills required for a particular role, fail-safe ways to answer any interview question and how to prepare effectively in the lead up to the big day.

Practical advice, guidance and feedback every step of the way.


Coaching in how to pinpoint individual 'you'niqueness - and get comfortable in sharing it, plus top tips to boost self-confidence.

Bespoke 1:1 coaching​ on CV writing, mock interview practice etc. 

Tools such as our personalised 'Talent Tracker Tool' and 'Interview Cheat Sheet' to guarantee best performance.​

But what about the cute cuddly toy?

There's no shortage of graduation gift ideas out there – from inscribed trinkets and cuddly toys to good old-fashioned cash. 

That's what I got.

What we're offering is the chance to give something meaningful - swap the 'Congrats Graduate' novelties for something that gives a leg-up on the career ladder, from someone who’s been there before and made the mistakes so others can learn from them.

As adults we know there’s no medal in life for going it alone, and that almost any challenge or struggle can be eased with some friendly advice, honest feedback and expert guidance from someone who’s been there and done it.

When you give the gift of graduate career coaching, quite simply you're giving someone future success: a better shot at an interview, more opportunities and increased confidence that the roles chosen will be both fun and fulfilling - the ultimate in thoughtful and practical gift-giving. 

So invest in your new graduate's career and I promise that years from now they'll still be thanking you!

"Who exactly seeks out a coach? Winners.​"


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